Pressure Tanks
Posted by Charles Kerr on December 02, 2003 at 08:38:44:
I am in a rural area with a well. When all was new the pump came on at 30 psi, and cut-out at 60 psi. The size of the pressure tank alotted one to take a good 10 minute show with the pump only coming on twice... As of late, the pump would come on two times a minute, so the controller was replaced. Now the pump is constantly coming on and off, (controlled by the points opening and closing), anytime a demand for water is put on it.

With so few "parts" to the system, I can only conclude that the pressure tank is shot. Diafram ruptured? Who knows...

Do you agree?

Is there a way to test?

Can I pump air into the upper chamber through valve? It only reads 15 lbs with a standard tire guage.

Thank you in advance!

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