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Posted by hj on December 02, 2003 at 08:27:53:
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All of your questions have variable answers depending on the local code. Here, a toilet can only be 6 feet from the vent, even though other fixtures on a 3" pipe can be 10 feet away. You can run the vent anyway necessary once it gets higher than the spill line of the toilet. The size also depends on your code. Almost no code allows side venting. Air admittance valves can cause functional problems in certain circumstances and should be a last resort, not a quick fix.

: I'm adding an addition to my house and putting in a half bath. How far away can the vent be from the toilet? Does the vent have to go straight up or can I run up above the fixture and then horizontal to an existing vent? Also, do I have to use a 3" vent or can I use a smaller diameter pipe? Can I side wall vent this? I was also looking at a 'quick-vent'.

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