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Posted by hj on December 02, 2003 at 08:21:34:
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The very minimum pipe required in most cases would be Skotchkote which is black pipe with a green epoxy coating. In my estimation it is also the least desirable since it can fail in a matter of a couple of years if the coating is not protected during installation and all damages repaired. Flexible polyethylene is the best materila, but most suppliers will not sell it to anyone but a certified installer.

: I am installing a gas furnace in my garage. After a little research and math I figured I have to run a 3/4 inch gas line,underground. Im getting conflicting info.about the materials that should be used.I thought It had to be black pipe but I was told copper can be used. I also heard about a flexible plastic/metal that can be used. What would best for this job? If black pipe, does it need to be coated with anything? It Is about a 70 foot run from the meter to the garage, with 3 or 4 turns. Thanks, Scott

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