Pressure switch problem
Posted by Greg Knightes on December 01, 2003 at 18:41:07:
Good evening folks,
Our well pump is acting up. I came home from work last Tues. night and there was no water in the house from any faucet. I went out to the pump house and the pressure gauge on the pump was zero. I turned the power switch off and on a few times, nothing started.

The next day, our sprinler repair person came out, inspected the pressure switch and showed me where it was buned. He bypassed the switch so we have to turn water pump off and on by turning the power switch off and on. He came back today with 2 news switches (30-50) and tried both. With the new switch hooked back up, when he turns the power on,
the switch turns on and off very rapidly and spaks are flying everywhere!

He spent about 4-5 hours trying to figure this out along with 2 others employees. Same thing happems with both new switches.

He says that there is good water coming from the pump to the pressure switch.

Any ideas?
Greg Knightes

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