Well Water System
Posted by manny on December 01, 2003 at 17:46:33:
I have a submersible pump and a 62-gallon bladder pressure tank for my well system. My water supply stopped 4 weeks ago. I replaced the pressure switch and set it for 30 -50 psi. Everything worked okay until two weeks later when the same problem came up. The spring action on the switch appeared faulty and so I changed the switch again this time with a 20 - 40 psi one. Everything worked okay for two weeks after which the water stopped again. During both breakdowns, the switch made solid contact because the gauge showed zero pressure. There was power going into the switch and to the pump but the pump was not running. I removed and cleaned the pressure switch and tubing. I drained the water out of the tank. When I took out the air plug on the side of the tank (no air charging valve installed), hardly any air came out of there. Water did not run out of the side plug's port. I put everything back together, and switched on the pump- no joy. I switched off the pump and tried turning it on again over the next few hours. After about 7 hours (and after draining the water heater for toilet-flushing), the pump came back on and is working okay again. Each time the pump came back on, the tap water was black for a minute. What is going on? Are these the symptoms of a disintegrating bladder? Did the pump go into a cooldown mode which took several hours? There is a port on top of this upright cylindrical tank with metal immediately inside of it- is that the location of the air charge valve? I am ready to change the tank but would am not sure if the pump is malfunctioning also. Although at this point, the pressure switch, the pressure gauge, and the pump are all working at the right pressure cutout settings. Any tutorial, suggestions etc. will be appreciated. Thanks.

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