correct switch for shallow pump
Posted by lee brown on December 01, 2003 at 15:29:14:
we have a 1/2 hp shallow well jet pump. The problem we are having is that the pressure starts out fine and quicky drops off to almost nothing. We did the draw off calculation and we got 1.76 gpm. Our landlord says that we can't expect more from a shallow well. Is this true?
What are the correct cut in/cut out pressures for a shallow well? We are cuurently 40/60 with a 40/60 switch, before it was 20/40 on the same 40/60 switch.
What our landlord said is that the pump is pulling too hard and then it can't catch up to keep up the water pressure and that this will be fixed by putting a 20/40 switch, but won't this just lower the overall pressure?
Lee Brown

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