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Posted by Stephen Kahn on November 23, 2003 at 12:55:05:
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I'm looking at a Duravit wall-hung toilet and saw your note. Any followup information?

: : Last Weekend on a DIY program sponsored by Home Depot they featured a new type of toilet in which the tank fits in the wall behind the sheetrock, between studs with only a small surface and access plate at the top.
: : The bowl mounted in to the wall and off of the floor.

: : I would like to get more information on these from a manufacturer or retailer. They would seem to be ideal for a smaller bathroom where clearance is at a premium.

: : thanks This might interest you.About a year ago I installed concealled tank toilets in a new Westin Hotel here in little hometown.They were a German brand called Duravit.They had a metal framework that mounted in the wall to support the toilet and house the tank.They seemed pretty sturdy and werent to difficult to install.They were a 1.6 gallon flush and seemed to flush pretty well.All of the inner workings were accessable from the front access panel/flush handle.The draw backs are the toilet was $800 and that didnt include the wall carrier,also some local codes dont alow them because theypose a backflow risk.If you would like more info post back and Ill forward any info I have left on them.Good luck Mike

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