unvented toilet in basement- sewer gas bubbles
Posted by dj on November 23, 2003 at 08:22:18:
There is a toilet drain in the floor in the corner of my basement that drains to a vertical stack about 8 feet away. I put in a toilet. The vertical stack handles just the bathroom on the second floor. (there's no bathroom on the first floor). There is a utility sink drain between the toilet drain and the vertical stack that I assume ties into the toilet drain. I moved the utility sink and installed a sink in the bathroom that uses the old utilty sink drain. These drains are unvented. When the toilet on the second floor flushes, sewer gas bubbles come through the water in the basement toilet.

I think I can install a vent in the sink drain that I installed. This vent will need to go horizontally across the basement ceiling, through the garage wall and tie into the vent for the kitchen sink. The only problem is, it cannot be graded gradually, and in fact it may need to drop down a little bit when it eventually ties into the existing vent. So, it will go up, across at a slight pitch, and then drop down.

A. Will this solve the sewer gas problem?
B. Is it ok to do it this way?