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Posted by Don Murray on November 07, 2003 at 09:56:53:
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: I am going to try to install a red jacket 3/4 hp pump in my new 150 ft deep well next weekend. I need some advice about wiring up the pump and pressure tank, my pump has 3 wires, a green, and 2 blacks, my pressure swith looks like it has connects for 4 wires, how do I wire up this system, any other advice will be very helpful.

: Thanks for any help, Don

My pump used 240V which I wired with 10-2 wire (two 120v lines and one ground line). You might be able to use 12-2 wire if the distance from the breaker to the pressure switch is short, but use 10-2 if in doubt. My pressure switch has the two 120 power lines to one side of the contacts and the other side of the contacts had the wire to the pump. If you look at the contact unit you can probably see how the contact points connect and disconnect each 120v line. The power cable ground wire was connected to the pressure switch wiring box and I remember the cable to the pump had a ground wire also attached to wiring box.

My pressure switch had to be close to the pressure tank to operate properly. If the switch was far (25') from the tank it cycled on and off rapidly. This was caused by a pressure wave bouncing between the pressure switch check valve and the tank.

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