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Posted by John Horne on October 24, 2003 at 20:16:01:
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: : I have a Woodford model 17 outside faucet. There is a regular drip from the outlet. A number of people suggested that I replace the rubber gasket at the end of the rod. I have seen replacement parts (no directions) at hardware stores and attempted to take mine apart, with out success. Are there directions around that can assist me with the disassembly and replacement of the this faucet?

10/24/2003 - The company website is at...

There are useful diagrams and a parts list that you can print out. Call the factory to get name of the wholesale distributors in you area. John.

10/24/2003 - I called the factory today. The lady who answered said that the packing has to be removed with a screwdriver (or similar). Unfortunately, this destroys the packing. To get at the packing it is necessary to remove the handle. After the packing is removed, put the handle back on and turn counter-clockwise (like opening the valve) until it releases. If there is a check valve on the far end of the rod, you might have to jerk on the handle slightly to get it to release. John.

: : How do you remove the anti-siphon?

10/24/2003 - It isn't necessary to remove it to do the above operation. John.

: : Any help would be appreciated?

: : Steve Garbe
: I think the trick to a Woodford valve is that the first nut you remove has left handed threads,meaning that you turn them clockwise to remove them.Jogging my memoryMikeStheplumber

10/24/2003 - I didn't notice this when I took mine apart. John.

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