Re: Sticking problem wt Toto Toilet
Posted by Gino on October 21, 2003 at 21:44:43:
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: Dear Terry. We just installed a Toto Carlyle toilet and for the most part, I think it's fabulous. The only problem is that fecal matter seems to stick to it, in spite of the fact that the bowl is supposed to have an anti-stick surface. Have other people noticed this problem? Any suggestions you might have would certainly be appreciated.

: Thanks,

: Dolores

I have a Toto Carlyle and have also noticed that although it flushes EVERYTHING we've ever thrown at it, it IS susceptible to "sticking". I have used various cleaners such as Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner successfully, and with just a light brushing, the bowl seems to stay cleaner LONGER. It really is VERY easy to keep clean and NEVER needs heavy scrubbing, but keep a bowl brush handy for the ocassional "specks" that don't seem to wash down.

By the way, since I had the Carlyle installed over a year ago, it has NEVER ONCE needed use of a plunger. It ALWAYS flushes - kabang! (For those Toto G-Max flush owners, you know what I mean).


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