Re: toilet bolt broken or floor wood bad?
Posted by Zbrad on October 21, 2003 at 14:11:33:
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: Saw the rusted bolt off so you can remove the toilet. Then you will have to see how the bolts are secured to the flange in order to know how to finish removing them.

: : Hello...
: : The toilet in my mobile home (1977 Cameron) was rocking so I checked the bolts, one was on tight (rusted, I think) the bolt on the other side is either broken, losened from the flange (if there is one) or the floor is rotted. I do not see any water on the floor, but I do hear something like air bubbles when you sit on the toilet.

: : First question... How can I losen the rusted up bolt so I can remove the toilet?

: : Second question... IF the other bolt is broken, how do I free up the piece that is stuck in the flange? (if there is one)

: : Third question, If it's the floor, can I just put some wood over the small section where the toilet is and replace the ring, just for a temporary fix?

: : Is there anything I can do for a temporary fix to stop it from rocking, until I can get a plumber and/or carpenter in here??

: : Lee Ann

in this day and age what kinda of a person has a wood floor, dont you know that wood is killing the very inviroment that we in! gee wiz

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