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Posted by charlie` on October 14, 2003 at 20:39:34:
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The supports brackets can usually be slid out along the fins to the end of the piping and then removed. Sometimes this provides enough vertical movement to get at the lower screws, if not use a dremmel and grind off the heads of the screws.
Now I have a question.....where can I buy replacement housings???

: They were put in before the heating element was installed. And since the heating element is resting on its support bracket, you may have to remove it before you can replace the enclosure.

: : I may not be using the right terminology, but I want to replace the cover units on my baseboard piping system in the 38 year old house I just purchased. The units are installed over paneling. I removed the outer panel with little difficulty. I am having a problem with the panel that is screwed into the wall behind the pipes/fins and over the paneling. I was able to remove the screw/nails above the fins. However, there are also screw/nails underneath the fins and I cannot get to them. I can't figure out how the screws were put in in the first place. I am desperate for guidance, as this is a do-it-yourself project.

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