Bottled water hookup to refrigerator
Posted by Tony Lomanto on October 14, 2003 at 10:22:55:
Just came across this site and it looks to be very helpful. We're at the start of a complete kitchen remodel with new appliances. Currently we have Poland Springs water delivered and used with a cooler. In order to continue using the cooler, a cabinet has to be made to keep the unit inside as there will be no floor space to stand alone. The refrigerator we're getting has a water/ice dispenser. Several years ago, I remember seeing a device that allowed a water bottle to hook up to a refrigerator's ice maker keeping the bottle out of site, even in a basement. Unfortunately, I can't locate any info on this. Anyone hear of such a device and know where it can be purchased? I tried an Internet search with no luck. All help is appreciated. Thanks,

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