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Posted by Al on October 12, 2003 at 18:47:00:
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I have been a certified Back flow device tester for the past 15 yrs.Wilkins Backflow devices are very good and in my area superior we have very hard water which tends to be crosive.
In annual testing of many brands of devices i have had very few probleums with the Wilkins device compared to some of the other brands I have also found that the wilkins company which is located in Paso Robles California is very coustmer oriented and there coustomer service people are very easy to talk to when there is a probleum.

: Zurn, Watts, and several others are all equal and about the same price.

: : When we contracted for our sprinkler system, the municipality recommended a Watts PVB and that's what we told the sprinkler company we wanted. At installation, a Wilkins (Zurn Company)PVB was installed. Is this a quality device? If they are similar quality ok, but I don't want to have paid for a Watts and gotten something of a lesser quality. Please Advise! Thanks......

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