Re: sewer smell coming from kitchen sink faucet and sprayer and also half bath faucet
Posted by Sweetfilter on October 12, 2003 at 14:58:19:
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First, fill all the sinks and tubs with water. Second, flush all the toilets and empty the sinks/tubs at the same time. Go outside and see if you get a strong smell coming from the roof. If you do we can help. If not, call a plumber.

: : We have a sewer odor coming from the kitchen faucet and sprayer, and also the half bath faucet that is located next to the kitchen. The smell will go away after you run the water for a couple of minutes. These are the only two areas of the house involved-it is a two story house with two full bathrooms upstairs. We had Rainsoft install a treatment system last year for the sulfur odor from our well, but this sewer smell only began this spring during and after all of the rains we had here in Virginia. Is our septic backing up? Is it a stopped up vent? Who should be contact to fix the problem...Rainsoft or a plumber? Our house is only 18 months old--could it be that something was improperly installed? Thank you.

: You need to look toward the water instead of the sewage.

: What type of water treatment system do you have; chlorination, ozone, backwashed filter.....?

: Is the time of day set correctly? Have you been using more water lately than you did before? Have you been folowing all the directions to keep your treatment system operating correctly?

: What you describe usually is attributed to (sulfate, iron and manganese) reducing type bacteria producing H2S which migrates to the fixtures giving a 'puff' of odor after the water hasn't been used for some time. You could have a trace of 'sulfur' getting through your treatment system. Or, you could have contaminated faucet tips causing the odor. Call your RS dealer to come aout and check things out.

: Gary
: Quality Water Associates

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