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Posted by Alan on October 02, 2003 at 17:47:40:
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If you fit the shower and find the water out of your combi-boiler isnt up-to-pressure you could allways fit a pump to increase the pressure.

it depends on your boiler. we had to fit two because our boiler, even thought its one of those super-efficiant ones, it has a tank of water inside it to keep going unlike a wall-mounted type that work by a system called "direct heat" where the domestic hotwater passes through the heat-exhange above the burner, meaning they can have as little as a pint of water in them at any one time.

the problem with having a tank-boiler is you have to have 2 pumps. one on the supply pipe to the boiler, one on the outlet (to the taps). if you only have 1 pump one of two things will happen. if you put it on the outlet pipe, you stand the chance of draining the tank too quickly, the boiler will then boil-dry very quickly. If you put it on the supply pipe, you could over-pressureise the boiler and damage it. Put identical pumps on both sides of it and that will equalise the pressure.

If the boiler DOESNT work by stored water then you should be able to get away with just putting a pump on the one pipe, but speak to a proper plumber (obviousley). We dont actually have the problem with our shower as powergen somehow increased the amount the houses circuits can take but we had to install the pumps because even on a boiler your supposed to be able to run 3 taps at once, if we tried to run a hot tap and do something like turn the washing machine on we would lose all pressure upstairs and on the ground floor and get too much in the basement.

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