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Posted by Thomas Smith on October 01, 2003 at 23:04:37:
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: Winterizing your home in your case means you are not going to be living in it at all, right? The cold weather causes water inside piping, toilet bowls, and pumps to freeze and expand and pumps above ground should be drained of water after turning off the electrical power to them. If your well pump is in a pump house or in the cellar (therefore above ground and likely to encounter prolonged tempertures below 32 degrees F) then you want to turn off the supply valve that allows water to get to the inlet side of the pump (if it has a valve), open the valves or faucets in the house, and those open faucets allow any standing water to expand when the water freezes, without ice pressure against the valve or faucet seats. You are unusually perceptive to be concerned for the pump, since it often is placed in a low spot, and retains water even after faucets are opened. Most well pumps are attached to the pipe inside the well casing below the water level below ground level ( they are always under water, when the well never runs dry) and you cannot access them to work on them, and they won't freeze under ground.

: If your pump is a centrifugal pump and it is above ground, then it likely has a primer port as well as a drain port. This kind of a pump requires priming every year after the thaw, but it has a small plug in the pump casing that allows the water in the vanes to be drained. It is threaded into the pump casing, is 1/4 or 1/2 inch in diameter, and usually has a square top that you can put a wrench on to loosen it and remove it. Maybe a cup or two of water will drain out. Put the plug in a freezer baggie and mark it prominately and keep it near the pump so you'll remember to replace it next year.

: Toilet bowls retain water too, and need to be drained of water so that they won't ice up expand and crack the bowl. Use a sponge to take out as much water as you can, or pour alcohol into the bowl to remove the fear of freezing. Alcohol doesn't freeze.

: : hi there im a single women looking to winterizing my home through the winter in new hamshire i do kno wthat i need to turn off all or open pipes that are in cellar right? please i need help here and what about the pump thats my main cocern thanks

Is there an optional method of protecting the pump where the drain plug is rusted and cant be removed.

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