Re: forced hot water boiler / presure problem
Posted by Larry Hyche on October 01, 2003 at 18:20:38:
In response to Re: forced hot water boiler / presure problem
: : I have a closed forced hot water boiler. i recently bled the radiators. but no water came though.
: : i realized the main cold water supply valve was closed, so i opened it and bled them again. no problem, the water flowed,
: : air was gone, and i thought all was well. but now i notice that when the burner is on, and heating the water in the boiler, the pressure
: : slowly climbs and hits 30psi, and the pressure relief valve lets it out. even when the system is off, the pressure is steady aound 20 psi,
: : when it should be 12. do i have to adjust the pressure reducing valve? or, is it possible that i somehow waterlogged the expansion tank,
: : so there is too much pressure regardless? if so, how do i relieve the tank, just let water out of it?

: : thanks!
: : Evan

: The pressure reducing/boiler feed valve should be replaced along with the expansion tank and the relief valve

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