Re: Push/pull supply shut�off valve UPDATE
Posted by LonnythePlumber on September 17, 2003 at 22:17:54:
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: Finally got the mgf of these stop valves:

: My new home builder in Florida want to use push / pull "FlowTite�- The only stop valve that is code approved
: to be installed on Copper, CPVC, or PEX pipe and backed
: by a written 10 year labor and material Warranty"
: on all bathroom and kitchen supply lines. We are using CPVC plumbing throughout the house.

: All plumbers I have talked to shake their heads 'no' but the builder's plumber sub thinks these are great.

: The builder does like to use new technology and uses double pane windows with Low-E coating between the panes, uses Icenene sprayin foam in the attic, etc so maybe these are ok??

: Any comments from users?

: Robert

: : Thanks hj - guess I should be more clear - do these thing work as shutoffs? When I tried one in the model home, I couldn't get any of them to push in to shut off the water. I hear Flo-rite makes some like this.

: : Robert

: : : They are, and since they push onto the CPVC tubing, they are very difficult to remove when they have to be replaced.

: : : : My new home builder is planing to use a plastic? push/pull
: : : : water supply shut�off valve on all plumbing fixtures in the house. He is using FlowGard Gold" CPVC instead of copper. Does anyone know anything about these supply shut�off valves. The ones I saw were white in color and had a 1 inch round push/pull plastic disk on the end that was where you pushed to shut off the water. Looked cheap to me.

Sounds cheap to me also and CPVC is not new technology. I was unaware than any licensed plumbers were installing CPVC anywhere in the country. LonnythePlumber

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