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Posted by paul on September 14, 2003 at 23:33:01:
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I am gald to see that someone has the same exact problem i do, what can be done is you can put another shut off valve above the one that does not close properly, that may look kind of crappy, i am currently looking into options now, i do not know if the if the components of the gate valve can be replaced, i do not think it has any seals in it. those galvanized pipes from the floor are a pain in the butt, if you screw them up it could lead to major , costly problems, you could have to have someone come over and trench the yard up 4 ft deep and bury a new pipe but you are looking at spending around 3,000 and up dependin on the plumber, let me know if you find any alternatives, i am looking into just replacing the components of the valve and i will shut the water supply of at the street wile i do that, I am just to scared to screw around with the galvanized pipe, plus there is a wall right behind the valve and they are threaded on the steel pipe so you know, that means i am unable to turn the valve without having to cut the steel, then it would need to be rethreaded, let me know what happens with your job, i will let you know what goes down with mine, Thank you

: Our city water is brought into the home through via a 50 yr old galvanized pipe, that come up through a concrete slab floor. 3 inches above the floor is a 50 yr old gate valve that needs replacing. My concern is in removing the old valve that the galvanized pipe will break-any suggestions on removing this valve without damaging the old pipe??

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