Re: Washer and Dryer backing up into kitchen sink
Posted by a on September 14, 2003 at 19:33:21:
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I have problem with back-flows too. I am wondered about a Back-flow valve that I could install on drain near the P trap. In my case the back flow is coming from a slow main drain that connects to other residential units above mine that are putting solids into thier drain. Although clearing the drain is for a plumber to do, I need some way to stop back-flow till a plumber can clear drain. And I need if for when I am away on extended leave and can not monitor back-flows

: Hello, I recently purchased a new washer and dryer and when the washer hits the rinse cycle its sends water back up through my kitchen sink. The sink fills up half way and then slowly drains. Any ideas? I've tried a few drain cleaners but nothing seems to work.

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