Re: Well Pressure switch
Posted by Al Fallon on September 10, 2003 at 09:41:46:
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Hi Gary,

I have a booster pump ( starrite) feeding water from a water tank and a water pressure switch (square D) and a small pressure tank. System is suppose to start at 30 psi and shutoff at 60psi.

I notice that my booster pump stays on all the time. If I shut power off to the unit and let the water pressure out when I restart the power the water pressure gauge builds up past 60psi and then stops at 60psi. A few seconds later the points close again and the booster pump stays in idle without stopping. How do I know if the pressure switch is defective? I do not believe there are any water leaks or breaks on my pipe. Do I need to adjust the pressure switch screws somehow? How do I adjust the low and the high screw and in what order. Thank you.

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