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Posted by Ron Tisi on September 09, 2003 at 16:26:21:
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: We just finished our cadet installation. Here are some hints:
: 1. we shut off toilet's water supply; flushed; plunged toilet bowl out; used rags to sop out the tank and bowl (with gloves on!)...we have a shower next to toilet so we put a trash bag in the shower to lay the old toilet on; stuffed a big rag in waste line; used new toilet's boxes to place the old one in.
: 2. tools on-hand...putty knife to clean the flange and a small Dollar Store brass brush to clean up the flange.
: ...had proper size box wrenches ready for: each size nut on tank to base and toilet hold-down; toilet water supply (we have flex tubing); other tools incld: Regular flat wide bladed screwdriver, wrenches, thread sealant, tape Measure, hacksaw, wax Ring/Gasket, flexible water supply tube 9measure the length needed), closet hold-down bolts (get all brass bolts), level...
: 3. Measure old toilet hold down bolts and cut the new bolts (all brass!) down to size after comparing toilet's height at base as compared to old toilet (tuff to cut off bolts w/out scratching new toilet base!}..use the "double nut trich as to not damage threads
: 4. Used plumber's putty under new bolts to hold upright in flange (& tried the straw trick over bolts, but it didn't work well)
: 5. Measure your rough-in before you for this measurement is shown below.

: Rough in sizes:

: a DIY guide w/pics:
: our cadet's installion instructions with pics for reference (a slow to load pdf file):
: Good luck! Remember NOT to over-tighten any bolt or nut!
: : Does anyone have a 'top 5' list of tips to consider when replacing a standard residential toilet? I'm looking to replace mine in the next few days. I've never replaced one before. It would be great to get any tips about what helps, what to avoid and generally how to make the process successful for a first-timer. Thanks.

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