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Posted by C. Haviland on September 06, 2003 at 11:11:17:
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That's very likely iron bacteria, "Crenothrix." It's very common. These are microscopic dudes that feed on ferrous iron in your water, even if there is very little, and transform it into a ferric hydroxide which appears as a reddish/brownish goop inside your toilet tank. If you don't see this discoloration in your running water elsewhere around the house it's actually good news; it means they are not able to grow anywhere in your system except in your toilet tank. The water in your toilet tank sits for long periods of time, and if you have a really big tank (that doesn't empty all the way when you flush) with enough iron in your water then you've got a perfect breeding pond for iron bacteria. They will flourish especially when the temperature gets a little warmer in the bathroom overnight. It is not uncommon for the toilet tank to clear up by itself after a few weeks, then after a few months, it's back again. The good news is that they do not pose any health problems. The bad news is that they are a bit tricky to get rid of, and of course they make your toilet bowl look like it's never been flushed after use. The best thing to do is just call a plumber and ask them what to do.

: Hi There.
: I'm trying to find out why the water in our toilet bowl and the tank is a dirty, rusty brown. The water coming out of the little tube is clear and the water in that bathroom (sink, shower) and the downstairs toilet are also clear. But, I can't figure out what's wrong with that toilet. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

: Selassie

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