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Posted by J.R. on September 04, 2003 at 18:53:27:
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I am interested in performiong the same task that you are describing. I just moved into an apartment where you have to use a washer with everyone else in the building. From my understanding you are using a regular washer and not one of the over priced apartment minitures. Can you please email me more specific directions for I can enjoy the privacy of my own washer!!! Thank you

: Hi Everybody:

: I want to connect one of those 2-in-1 washing/dryer machines in my kitchen (I live in an appartment). The machine (made by LG Electronics) does not come with an F-connector like the portable washing machines so, first, I thought of connecting the cold-water hose from the machine to the kitchen faucet and putting the draining tube from the machine to the kitchen sink every time I use it. This arrangement would leave the hot water input to the machine unconnected (the idea would be never to use the hot or warm water setting).

: A sales person I talked to at the appliance store told me that I could damage the machine b/c the water pressure from the faucet won't be high enough (I checked the pressure though and, in my opinion, it is very high). I called LG directly and they told me that if I don't connect the hot water I could have a flood (water coming out from the unconnected hot water pipe in the machine) but said nothing about damaging the machine b/c of the water pressure. The rep didn't sound very sure of herself so I am not even sure that this would really happen.

: Anyway, I now realize that I could connect the hot water by using the same pipe that goes to the dishwasher, I could then connect the cold water through the kitchen faucet and use the kitchen sink for draining (I know, it is cumbersome but it is better than using the laundrymat).

: Should I be concerned by the water pressure? Do you think that this arrangement could damage the machine?

: Thanks in advance,

: Marni

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