Re: splashing outdoor faucet
Posted by phil on September 03, 2003 at 13:59:01:
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: : : When I turn on the outdoor faucet (anti-siphon model) to use the garden hose, large quantities of water splash back on the house. What is the problem here, and do I need a plumber to fix it? Thanks.

: : Although its not real clear from your description, its sounds like the thing froze and split the pipe within the wall, you need a new one perhaps...

I think I have the same issue (new house owner - city kid)... when the hose is connected to the outdoor faucet w/anti-siphon device, water sprays out of the anti-siphon "cap" (the part that screws into the second hole or outlet of the faucet). I've tried tightening it and checked to see if there was a rubber washer (there was) but it still happens...

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