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Posted by Reuven Koter on September 01, 2003 at 10:51:49:
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Is what you call "ejector pit" a pipe or hole to drain the water out of a sump tank ?
Following on the "finishing a basement bathroom" subject I have a question ..... there is a sump hole in my basement, no pump was there when I bought the house. But I never had flood problems or accute humidity in the basement so far. I use a dehumidifier during the summer and I need to drain its water . I want to drain into the sump tank but afraid that without the sump pump the water may rise over the floor level.
My questions are:
How do I identify the drainage pipe out of the sump hole ?
Will it be possible to stay with the sump hole without sump pump and have the water drained out with the help of some build-in pipe which I find hard to identify ?
How do I test the capacity of natural drainage without sump pump ?

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