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Posted by Joeph S. on August 30, 2003 at 12:18:11:
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This is an old posting, but I just spent 7 hours trying to install the same toilet in my mother's house. The first effort resulted in leaking, so I went and bought the extra large wax ring, plus a standard ring. No way it should be leaking now, but it is. She called this morning. I am furious. I took off from work to replace her old toilet, as it was flooding her bathroom and couldn't wait. I've installed 6 or 7 toilets, and this is the first time I've had a problem, but also the first time I've used this American Standard piece of crap.

Yes, I bought mine from Home Depot. Today, I found another posting from this board indicating some type of "cast hole" causing the problem. I now have to go back over her house and decide what to do. All and all, I'm certainly going to burn 2 full days on a 2 hour job. That is crap. I made 3 trips to Home Depot yesterday under tons of pressure from my mother, as that was the only toilet she has and she is 73. She was driving to and from the grocery store so she could use a restroom.

This nonsense is not right. I'd like to hear back from anyone knowing what's going on with this toilet and the leaking issues known. I'd also like to hear some opinions as to how I should handle this with Home Depot. I've printed out the complaints from this board and plan to visit with the Home Depot manager on Sunday. At a minimum, I've got 12.00 in wax rings that are being scrapped as I install and uninstall.

Opinions pleeeeeease!!
Thank you,

: WHo furnished the toilets and where were they purchased from? If it was from Home Depot or similar then there is a good possibility that the toilet is defective.

: : My contractor has replaced the toilets in 4 bathrooms with American Standard Cadet units. Thus far 3 of those toilets have been leaking from the base. The contractor has replaced the wax ring with an extended wax ring and one of the units still leak. They claimed one other unit was defective and leaked from the interior porcelain area (I'm not so sure about this).

: : These are new units and I am greatly concern about all these leak issues. What is the contractor doing wrong?

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