Re: Bad tasting water out of glacier bay faucet
Posted by Ken M. on August 28, 2003 at 19:59:15:
In response to Re: Bad tasting water out of glacier bay faucet
: : we are having the same problem, even boiling the water does not remove the taste. The bad part is, we drink 2 gallons of homemade iced tea almost daily.: We replaced our kitchen faucet with a glacier bay model and the water now takes horrible. Running the water a while doesn't help. Other than buying another branc of faucet or a filter system have you any ideas?

: We are having the same problem with one of three identical bath room
: faucets. Also when you first turn it on, the water fizzes
: and then smells like sulphur. Andy S.

:we've also the same seems there's a problem with the hose. I've recently changed back to my old faucet. Has anyone tested the water that's come out of the faucet? For us, it seemed very plasticy..

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