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Posted by Katherine on August 23, 2003 at 06:54:10:
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..well, i have a similar situation with our washing machine, as i am hoping to make room for a freezer in the kitchen by placing it in the walk-in cupboard under the stairs and having a little laundry room.
am wondering is it okay to run the outlet hose under the floor, then back up a few inches to exit out the wall to the drain.
the outlet hose will have to run for about 13' too, and i am curious to learn if there is any way of setting it up so that the outlet hose fully drains - perhaps a light pump could be put at the end to drain it out after the washing machine has stopped?
(mind you, i ran an outlet hose from the outhouse to the drain in my last home - and there was always some water in the pipe (infact, i wonder if there always is water in the pipe, even in a short outlet, as i found a syphon set up so that if i undid the join to the outlet pipe, then all the water drained out). Although it didnt provide any cause for concern, perhaps the water may go a bit mouldy indoors?
Then again, i suppose it wouldnt with all those detergents running through the pipes..
so, on balance i would imagine there is no real harm done by the water sitting in the pipes - only if the machine wont be used for quite a long time, maybe it would be a good idea to disconnect the outlet at the washing machine end and put a few drops of bleach down the outlet hose?
any other ideas?

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