Re: Replace Corroded Toilet Tank Bolt?
Posted by Paul on August 19, 2003 at 16:03:50:
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I have a similar problem, and while it's nice advice to get new bolts, for me the problem is in removing the bolts in the first place. How do you get them out when they are so corroded that they no longer have screw slots and there is not enough bolt to get a grip on with a vice grip? I've just broken two sawzall blades trying to just cut them off, because the angle to get the saw in the tank is too hard on the blades. Note: I can't get them from the bottom side because of a lip on the bottom. My next approach is probably to drill them out, and if that doesn't work it's off to the store for a new toilet.

: Get new bolts and center gasket and remove the tank from the bowl and replace all of them.

: : I have an older Briggs toilet that is apparently leaking from a corroded tank bolt (slow rusty drip coming from location of rusted bolt). Can I easily replace this bolt myself without having to remove the tank and replace the ring? Also, are the tank bolts standard sized?

: : Thanks,
: : Andrea

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