Re: Vexing toilet problem
Posted by Happy Flushers on August 18, 2003 at 22:13:17:
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Deb the Pipewrench!

Looks like you saved us 600 bucks! We have been using those Clorox bleach tabs in our tanks, and BOTH of our toilets clogged up at the same exact time. We had a plumber out and they said that we would most likely need new toilets, they even snakes the lines and toilets still didn't flush. After the plumber left and we spent 80 bucks, we noticed there was clogged bleach tab build up in the hole at the bottom of both toilets. We cleared the buildup and they flushed just GREAT!!

Thanks so MUCH for the advice. Clorox should put a disclaimer on their box..I don't remember seeing one.

Thanks a million!!

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