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Posted by joyce b on August 15, 2003 at 22:20:59:
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: : : I'm replacing a Kohler toilet with a Toto toilet. The circular base that attaches to the floor under the toilet is raised higher than it should be. The toilet does not sit solidly on the floor, but rocks a little bit because it is resting partially on the raised base. Is there a simple solution to this problem without tearing out the drain and lowering the base?
: : : Thanks,
: : : Clyde H.

: : Clyde,
: : First set the toilet down without any wax to determine if there is a problem. I say this because some of the "plastic horns" on wax rings will "hold" the toilet up and make it rock.
: : If the toilet sets over the flange without rocking, you may or may not be able to use wax with horn. Wax without the horn works fine.
: : If the toilet rocks, the flange will either need to be lowered or the toilet raised. In basement installations with the flange in concrete, I have made a full size shim to place under the toilet.
: : You could also raise the thickness of the flooring with underlayment or tile.

: Thanks. I going to try to the full size shim.

My remodeler installed a toto. It is leaking at the bolt that holds the tank to the bowl.

In dismantling, I find no gaskets between the tank and the bowl. I believe parts are missing. What is your experience?

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