Re: Toilet Flange Repair-Compression Flange with Allen Screws
Posted by westchester plumber on August 12, 2003 at 22:02:37:
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: I thought about doing that, but how do i seal the extension ring to what's left of the remaining flange which is nothing more than 3 inchs of pipe gluded inside the main sewage pipe flush with the slab? After I secured the flange extension to the slab over the sewage pipe do you just calk or silcon any open space?

I thought you had the flange there intact but it was set below the tile floor. You would need to obtain that internal piece you were describing. Do a google search on it, something will come up I'm sure.
I have never used one as a plumber, we would go ahead and replace the complete toilet drain.
Good Luck. *westchester plumber*

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: : If you can't find the piece previously described, you can purchase and install a closet flange extension kit. It appears a bit cheap looking but it works. It is 3 PVC rings that sit on top of the existing flange, use 1,2 or 3 rings, depending on the height you need to raise the flange. The kit comes with extra long closet bolts.
: : Good Luck. *westchester plumber*

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