Re: HELP! 2 questions on an old house plumbing (updated pvc)
Posted by JD on July 30, 2003 at 19:38:01:
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: the tub is a clawfoot (original in the house) with the original faucet installed on it. I replaced the washers in it as a preventative maintenance. A while after that is when it started. Figures that I would have screwed it up.

: Thanks

: : The problem with the tub could be a bad washer or stem in the hot side. Some faucets have a "genetic" problem with it happening depending on the make and model. Replace it with a Fluidmaster 499A. The new American Standard toilets have abandoned the Smart Valve and use the FLuidmaster.

: : : When I turn on the hot water side in my tub (farthest thing from my water heater) It starts knocking violently. If I only turn it on very low it will not do it. This morning I had problems where I had a screaching and very little hot water pressure at all until I let it run for a while. It started working as always (if you turn it up, it knocks). I take it as the problem is going to the next level. My sink in that bathroom does not have this issue (closer to the hot water heater).

: : : 2nd question is I put an AMerican Standard Smart valve 2000 on my toilet and it works fine till it shuts of, then it "slams". I take it it is shutting off too quickly. I have read her to REPLACE it. What is recommended as a replacement?

We just installed this Smart valve and we also get the slam at the beginning and end of the flush. Only had it 5 days and plan to return it to Lowe's and replace with a Fluidmaster.

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