A quetion about pex plumbing
Posted by Ken on July 30, 2003 at 18:54:19:
I live in a modular home. ( http://www.schulthomes.com/Default.asp ) The plumbing is pex style but I don't know which style. I am getting ready to do remodeling (adding a bathroom in the basement and would like to have my outdoor faucets bypass the water softener. I don't know which style of PEX I have, how do I tell? With the crimping tools costing over $100 I don't want to buy one that isn't compatable with the rest of the house.

I did a search here and found thousands of posts about PEX with this thread http://www.terrylove.com/wwwboard/messages/9946.html being the only one in regaurds to the compatibility of the crimping tools however the response was "I think" they are complatable. I am hoping to find someone who can tell me that they are definitley compatable or whether I need to find out for sure which I have and buy the same brand.

Aren't there Vanguard, Qestpex and Whirsbo types?



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