?How to replace Kohler Rialto Flush Valve?
Posted by larrymcg on July 30, 2003 at 17:39:14:
After replacing the Kohler Rialto K3402PB toilet flapper 3 times (with real Kohler flappers) it still leaks into the bowl so now I want to replace the entire flush valve. This is a one piece toilet. I can't figure out how the flush valve is attached to the toilet. I suspect that there are bolts with clips that hook underneath the hole but I can not find any bolts to unscrew. The stuff between the flush valve and the toilet (a washer/seal of some kind) doesn't look like rubber. It is fairly soft, somewhat porus, and flakes off if you rub it gently. I'm wondering if the valve is glued to the toilet?
I need to know how to remove the entire flush valve so that I can get onto figuring out how to install a new one.

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