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Posted by hj on July 29, 2003 at 17:52:10:
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There are ways, but whether they will work on your system depends on where the cleanout is and how, and where, you made the connection. We usually install a "sacrificial" cleanout tee in the new line to make the test and then plug it and bury it before placing the concrete over it.

: I recently installed a drainage system for a new bathroom, and need to have it inspected. The inspector said that they will need to fill the new drain pipes with water to test for leaks. However, in order to install the new drainage pipes, I had to cut the main stack and insert a "T". In order to allow us to continue to use our existing bathroon and kitchen fixtures, I had to cement the stack together so it would be functional. Is there a way to plug the stack through the clean out in order to do the pressure test, or will I have to cut the main stack again? Please advise.......Thanks......Kevin

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