Re: icemaker failure/ need advise
Posted by junsun on July 28, 2003 at 12:01:34:
In response to Re: icemaker failure/ need advise
there is no water coming to the system. When I shut the water off I opened some taps to drain the house.

: There can be more than one reason for the ice maker not working. The system does not have to be "primed", it has to be checked to see that the icemaker has water, the valve is working, the freezer is getting cold enough, etc.

: : hi folks. with the summer heat I have a sorta emergency.

: : Last week before doing some plumbing modifications I shut both the water and power to my home.
: : Since then the ice maker to a Kenmore refrigerator has quit making ice cubes.
: : Is there some way to prime the system?
: : Would this be the problem?

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