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Posted by hj on July 28, 2003 at 09:22:08:
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An ejector pump is just a specialized type of sump pump. If the plumbing was installed properly, you should have an ejector pit which is larger than a sump pit and has a vent on the cover connected to the building's vent system, or has a building vent available to connect to it.

: I am finishing a basement bathroom that was roughed in by the builder. I have a sump pump, but not an ejector pump. I will need an ejector pump, put don't want to drill a new hole, and don't want to use one of the "built up" toilets. Is there some type of a combination sump pump/ejector pump? If not, can the sump pump and the sewage ejector pump go in the same pit? I'm trying to avoid spending a lot of $$ having a new hole installed for the sewage ejector pit. thanks for any input you can provide!!

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