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Posted by hj on July 28, 2003 at 09:11:44:
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You should have used a brass pipe instead of a steel one. That steel pipe is probably a cheap one and the exposed metal on the end is rusting creating a small pocket of rust that has to be washed out when the first water is run. If it is not that pipe, then you also have another one somewhere near the shower valve that is rusting.

: I recently had a plumber rough plumb a combo bathtub shower for me. Before I fitted the finish spout over the iron supply pipe we used the tub for a number of months and the water was clear. I recently replaced the 6" iron pipe with a brand-new 3" iron pipe, necessary so that my Delta spout would fit, and screwed the spout on. Now, everytime we turn the tub water on we get an initial burst of orange water. It lasts just a second and then clears up. When attached the 3" pipe, I place pipe joint compound on the both thread ends of the iron pipe. Any ideas as to the source of the orange substance? We run the tub about 8 times now and it doesn't seem to be dissipating at all?

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: Ken

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