Re: no water in little-used shower
Posted by Gary Swart on July 27, 2003 at 21:19:45:
In response to Re: no water in little-used shower
The bluish green crusty stuff is from the copper fittings and you can just clean that off. The cut off valves I referred to are like the valves under you sink and wash basin. They are there to isolate the fixtures from the water supply line so that you don't have to shut the entire house off just to work on one fixture. Try working backward from the shower. The water connects to the hot and cold behind the cabinet or stall. Go from there if it goes through the floor then you'll have to go under the floor too, but typically these valves are fairly easy to access and should be just out of sight behind the shower. You have to find the lines where the there is water before you can determine what the problem is for sure. I'm still sticking to my original guess of the cut off valves.

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