Rusty old cast sewer pipe leaking 1 inch from slab in basement
Posted by Mike on July 27, 2003 at 15:13:12:
I hope you can help me . I have waited 2 months for a plumber,(south illinois ), so I have decided to learn to do the work myself. I have a leaking sewer pipe(4') thats vertical, leading from a toilet into the slab in my basement floor. It has been previously been "collared" at the floor level with about 3 inches of concrete . There is now rust showing 2 inches above the collar and some flaking . The problem is water comes out of the cracks in the concrete collar at a pretty good rate. My questions are; is the concrete supposed to be touching the iron? When I re-do it I'd rather not make the same old mistakes. Also is there anyway to seal an old cast pipe from the outside without replacing it?
Thanks Much
mike <-- needs plumbing for dummies manual.

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