Septic & Root problems
Posted by showerless on July 27, 2003 at 11:55:59:
May as well trouble you with our septic problems too. Last November, we discovered we had a second septic system we knew nothing about. Of course, it was full & needed pumping. Once we found it, we discovered very large amount of tree roots in it. The plumbing co. told us to give it a month or so to get back to a good water level and then treat it for the roots. We put the copper stuff down the toilet as instructed. Well, here we are, 7 months later, and the darned thing is apparently full again as we're starting to get the shower backup & toilet bubbling. We're thinking that root "mattress" has probably clogged something up or blocked the way to the "out" pipe. I'm sure I'm correct when assuming there's no easy way to fix this problem, but want to know what you'd recommend. Can we just quit using this tank entirely and re-route those two bathrooms to our other septic tank which currently takes care of the kitchen, another bath, and the washing machine. Or is there any way to remove those roots? Someone mentioned having someone cut them out somehow? We're not mechanically inclined when it comes to plumbing, so will value your expertise. Thank you very much.

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