Overflowing Toilet- 3rd Floor
Posted by Cheryl on July 25, 2003 at 00:37:27:
I live in a year old house, which had 3 out of 5 toilets replaced because they were not level. Two days ago my child stopped up the toilet in his bathroom (too much paper), told me it was stopped up. I looked at it. The water level was normal- I did see a lot of toilet paper in the bowl. I did not unstop the toilet right away. No one used this toilet, but some time during the night (!) water went into the bowl, eventually overflowing it, wetting the ceiling and floors of the two floors below. My question is: how could this have happened??? Why was water going into the bowl?? On closer inspection (with a rep. from my builder) we found both toilets in my children's bathrooms to be continuiously "leaking" water into the bowl(s). Tomorrow the plumber is coming (at my builder's expense). Please inform me on whether this is "normal" toilet functioning as my toilet expertise is limited to flushing and cleaning. P.S. I am, as you can tell, the "woman of the house", my husband is out of town, we are moving- and our house is on the market. !!!!!!!! Help!!!!!

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