Re: Wall mounted toilet
Posted by Jenny on July 24, 2003 at 12:08:56:
In response to Re: Wall mounted toilet
The Glenwall, from American Standard, Crane Rexmont and the Eljer wall hung all have the same mounting dimensions. Glenwall and Eljer are both "pressure assisted", which we worried would give the airplane toilet effect (scares my husband and the children). Our plumber ordered a Crane Rexmont, and he has been out every day for over a week trying to stop the water tank from leaking. He finally applied liberal amounts of pipe dope to all washers and bolts, and it STILL leaks. I think the problem is in the porcelain in the tank, so hopefully he'll decide to order a replacement after today's visit. We also noticed what looks like rust on the tank bolts after only a week! Either China is now making counterfeit toilets, or Crane has no quality control division. Just a cautionary tale...

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