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Posted by R.Holt on July 24, 2003 at 12:00:40:
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Gary, I agree. I am going to buy the tooll at Lowes just to have it in case. Teh line coming into the house is PVC and like anything else, fitting anfd the pipe can fail. I talked to the water company and they said they have had trouble people getting into the meter box and breaking and then calling them to fix, so they have a standard policy that they do not allow home owners turn it off by themselves. When it comes to an emergencies, I don't think they can prevent me from turning it off. If something would break on an early saturday morning, I don't think they would be there to shut it off very quickly. I figure that I have enough sense to some plumbing, that I could at least turn the water off. I guess they have to go on the premise that people can't understand what a turn off walve is.
: This has nothing to do with the pressure valve, but you said the county won't allow you to shut the water off at the meter. Here's what happened to me once. The main shut off valve in the basement broke (poor solder job and not mine)
: I had a 1" copper line fed by a 1" meter and 60 psi pumping water into my basement. I had to call the emergency number for the city water department then wait while the 1 man crew came for across town to shut the meter off. I now own a shut off handle, and I have had a couple of semi emergencies when I have needed to use it. If you have a problem like I did, how long will it take the county to get someone to you home to shut the meter off? Get a handle and keep it handy.

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