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Posted by Shawn on July 23, 2003 at 17:03:24:
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: It means that the regulator is not maintaining its setting when there is not flow, for some reason. You can rebuild it if you can find the repair kit. My time is too valuable to try repairing them since the valve could still malfunction. Therefore, I always replace them when that happens. The idea of a PRV is to not subject the system to the high line pressures. If the valve does not hold in a static condition, then the system is still under the higher pressure, regardless of whether the valve maintains a proper dynamic pressure.
: : : The regulator is "slipping".

: : What does that exactly mean? In that case would I need to rebuild the regulator, or just take it apart and clean it? It's a Wilkins model 70.

: : : : I have 120 psi coming in from the city's water system. I have a regulator on the main line set to 65 psi. I put a gauge inside the house and found the static pressure is 120 psi but when you turn on a faucet the pressure drops to 65 psi. Is this normal or is the regulator messed up?

Go to home depot (or similar) and ask for wilkins model 70 repair kit. Apparently they are very common here in california nad the stores stock repair kits.

Just did mine this morning in under an 1hour. Pretty sure to pickup a 1 1/8 inch socket as well as you'll be needing one of those as well.

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