Re: Pressure Reducing Valve
Posted by R. Holt on July 23, 2003 at 10:06:48:
In response to Re: Pressure Reducing Valve
The way the line is configured is that there is a water meter and then a line (about 800 feet) to my house and once it enters the basement, there is a cut off valve to turn the water on and off (county will not let people turn there wate off at the meter). I was going to install it after this valve so if someting happened I could turn the water supply at this valve and it would be for the whole house without going to the meter and having the county do it. Hope that makes more sense. Ron

: The way you ask the question, the answer would be neither. The correct place is right after the main cut off valve, so it reduces the pressure for the entire house and the water can be turned off to work on it.

: : Do I install my reducer on the main line after the cut off valve (between cut-off valve and water heater) or before the cut off valve, (between main meter and cut off valve)? Also will I have to install anything else because of water heater pressure after the reducer is installed? Thank you.

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